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First Post!

2016-06-15 22:34:41 by MissSprixsee

Hi Guuuuys! cx This is my first post and first time I created an account on here! Don't mind the profile picture of LeafyIsHere XD Please no hates, I've stared in 6/15/2016 :3 I love drawing, I'm kind of an animator on YouTube but which sucks is that I use some video editor and animating is kind of hard with it. I don't post for a while sometimes, but I guess that's okay. I have a lot of hard time making animations too XD I'm kind of an emo and sometimes get depressed, but that's okay. Unfortunately, I have no idea if I am going to make games here or movies, idk, because I don't really know how to do things around here but play games, watch movies, look at art, and more! When I didn't have an account, I'd just play this with no account and see what you guys have made, and I say I bet all of you are awesome makers! Be yourself and your awesome, beautiful, and amazing no matter what they say! ^w^ Anyways, bye!!! :DDD


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2016-06-17 16:39:26

Welcome to Newgrounds and enjoy your stay.

MissSprixsee responds:

Tysm!! :3


2016-07-09 21:07:21

Welcome to Newgrounds. :> I would suggest to stay away from the BBS/Forums (at least on General). The art forums are pretty friendly and helpful as long as you're able to take criticism, and make sure to go to the help forum if you have any technical questions.
Hope you like it here. :D

MissSprixsee responds:

Okie! Tysm!!! ^w^


2016-07-18 13:35:44

Rawr XD ;3333
welcum meow meow ;33 ;*****

MissSprixsee responds:

Hai :DD